Poster for 结构的解剖:艺术+架构的未来

A major new show by global architecture firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) in collaboration with Princeton University, TUDelft and Global Robots, takes over the 1300 m2 Ambika P3, presenting an action-packed live robotic construction and other innovations that transform the way we build now and in the future.

线索帮助解决难题设计未来建设的实施为灵感来自于大自然的煤结构可以通过检查工程,研究,可持续发展和突破性的理念创新的SOM的历史已经形了一些世界上最显著的结构和发现艺术作品。 ESTA的追求是在主要的新展览ESTA的心脏这将需要横跨多学科设计过程中扫旅程在索姆。 


  • Broadgate交易所和斯特拉特福在伦敦
  • karlatornet哥德堡
  • 西尔斯大厦(原西尔斯)在芝加哥
  • 在迪拜的哈利法塔


举办五大主题 - 研发+未来,效率+经济,层次+订单,规模+的形式,创作+合作 - 游客将高耸于SOM的最高的摩天大楼的模型,探索艺术,建筑,结构设计的交集,用潜入SOM近期合作的艺术家,包括雅内·埃切尔尔曼,詹姆斯·卡彭特,若姆·普伦萨,Manglano,奥瓦列和伊尼戈。 

At the heart of the show is a soaring vault built of glass bricks, assembled live onsite by robots through the course of the exhibition. A joint effort between SOM and Princeton University, USA, in consultation with the TU Delft Glass & Transparency 研究 Group in the Netherlands, the demonstration marries architecture and digital fabrication to explore the next frontier in building construction. 


About Skidmore, Owings & Merrill 

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) is an influential collective of architects, designers, engineers and planners, responsible for some of the world’s most technically and environmentally advanced buildings, and significant public spaces. From a strategic regional plan to a single piece of furniture, SOM's designs anticipate change in the way we live, work and communicate, and have brought lasting value to communities around the world. The firm's approach is highly collaborative, and its interdisciplinary team is engaged on a wide range of international projects, with creative studios based across the globe.


  • 星期一: 关闭
  • 周二 - 周日:上午10点 - 下午6点
  • 周四深夜: 上午10时-8pm


AMBIKA P3,欧洲杯外围,35马里波恩路,伦敦NW1 5LS